Upcoming Events

Energy Seminar 2024

Institut Universitaire de Technologie Le Creusot 12 Rue de la Fonderie, Le Creusot, France

Use of Powder Metallurgy Technologies in Nuclear Energy The global challenges we face this decade place a demand on materials and processes unprecedented, especially for energy industry. Powder Metallurgy technologies can meet and support these demands through bold and progressive solutions and beyond simple densification for manufacturing of complex and critical parts for energy applications using Additive Manufacturing, Press&Sinter, Hot Isostatic Pressing and Metal Injection Moulding. We invite you to join EPMA’s two-day Energy Seminar in an exciting chance to collaborate, grow, and learn more about such PM technologies and their nuclear applications both in fission and fusion. End-users, powder providers, [...]

AM Seminar

Augsburg Am Technologiezentrum 10, Augsburg, Germany

Innovations in AM Materials The EPMA’s AM Seminar of 2024 will be an investigation of emerging novel materials in Additive Manufacturing, together with their specific uses such as multi-materials. The event will be taking place at the main address of research in this field in Augsburg-Germany, at Fraunhofer IGCV Facilities. Advanced materials and emerging technologies in AM will be inspected thoroughly during this important meeting of the AM ecosystem. A wide range of presentations will be given from the industry and the academia within the seminar, as well as interactive slots of interesting panel discussions on related topics of AM.  The [...]


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