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HIP Seminar

Dresden Winterbergstraße 28, Dresden

Programme Location  Direction Accommodation  HIP focusing on the Future 7-8 March 2023 -Dresden DO YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITIES AND SOLUTIONS HIP TECHNOLOGY OFFERS THE FUTURE OF INDUSTRY?  The global challenges we face this decade place a demand on materials and process unprecedented. HIP technology can meet and support these demands through bold and progressive solutions and beyond simple densification. We invite you to join EPMA’s two-day HIP Seminar in an exciting chance to collaborate, grow, and learn more about HIP technology and its future applications. HIP providers, end-users, innovators, and metallurgists are all invited to this forward-thinking seminar to [...]

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Press & Sinter Seminar

AMES Barcelona Sintering,SA Pol. Ind. Les Fallulles - Camí de Can Ubach, 8, Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Progress and Challenges in Press & Sinter Programme   Press&Sinter is still by far the most used PM technology used to produce and sell PM parts. This seminar is intended to gather presentations about improvements being introduced in materials and processes for Press&Sinter, starting from powders and alloys, and including all process steps, i.e., pressing, sintering and posttreatments, with special care to sustainability issues and all ancillary tools available, like digitalisation and simulation. Presentations from industry and academia, and interesting interactive discussions on sustainability and simulation in Press&Sinter are being programmed.  Courtesy of AMES The hosting company AMES is one [...]

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AM Seminar

IRT-M29 4 Rue Augustin Fresnel, Metz

Metal powder plays a very important role in the additive manufacturing processes. Indeed the quality of metal powder used will have a major influence on properties but it can also influence:  The build-to-build consistency  The reproducibility between AM machines  The production of defect-free components  The manufacturing defects on surfaces  A very wide range of alloys are used on additive manufacturing machines thanks to the availability of metal powders:  Steels: 316L, 17-4PH etc.  Nickel and cobalt base superalloys: 625, 718, CoCr F75 etc.  Titanium alloys: Ti6Al4V, CPTi etc.  Aluminium alloys: AlSi10Mg etc.  Metal Powders - Courtesy of GKN   But [...]

MIM Seminar

Sandvik Högbo Brukshotell, Hans Hiertas väg 5,, Sandviken

Materials and Development in Metal Injection Moulding   The Metal Injection Moulding process, like all other mass production technologies, requires reliable raw materials for optimal performance, and process improvements for overcoming limitations, efficiency, cost, and last but not least sustainability, are continuous.  The EPMA seminar will cover the recent improvements in the field, on any process step, with some more focus on available materials in terms of powders and feedstocks.  The event will be hosted in Sandviken, Sweden, at the Högbo Sandvik facility, north of Stockholm and about 150 km from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. A visit to the Sandvik AM centre [...]

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