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Functional Materials Seminar – Postponed

Ceit-BRTA Manuel Lardizabal Ibilbidea 15, San Sebastiàn

Functional Materials for Mobility - POSTPONED Due to insufficient contributions from speakers, the event is not going to run on the dates of 28-29 June 2023, and will probably be postponed to early 2024. Stay tuned for more information and for a new Call for Speakers. The seminar 2023 on Functional Materials is dedicated to a wide application sector, that is mobility. When considering cars, trains, airplanes, ships, and all personal smaller transportation vehicles, like scooters, and especially in the electrification trend, a new generation of materials are growing in use. These functional materials are very often produced by powder metallurgy: [...]

€325,00 – €800,00

MIM Seminar

Sandvik Coromant Mossvägen 10, Sandviken

Programme Location  Direction Accommodation  Materials and Development in Metal Injection Moulding   The Metal Injection Moulding process, like all other mass production technologies, requires reliable raw materials for optimal performance, and process improvements for overcoming limitations, efficiency, cost, and last but not least sustainability, are continuous.  The EPMA seminar will cover the recent improvements in the field, on any process step, with some more focus on available materials in terms of powders and feedstocks.  The event will be hosted in Sandviken, Sweden, at the Sandvik facilities, north of Stockholm and about 150 km from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. A visit to the Sandvik AM [...]

$320 – $800


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