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Join the seminar on Materials and Development in Metal Injection Moulding in Sandviken on 24-25 May 2023! Metal Injection Moulding is nowadays an established technology: in Europe, its industrial application dates back to the early 1990’s and just entered it fourth decade. From the early days, much has changed, for the better. Companies can now quite safely offer superior designs, good alloy control, reasonable tolerances despite the challenge of large sintering shrinkages, and sound performance, at competitive prices. The range of achievable part weight and thickness is constantly improving, and process capability does the same. Thus, it is a [...]

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New EPMA Seminar website


New year, new website!   After many years, EPMA is starting to upgrade its websites to offer improved versions to the members and the rest of the community. The seminars website is the first step.  New graphics, that has been a big effort of our graphics specialists, but also new features. We will still give you all the information you are used to, that is all the events organised, the details for joining, and the registration pages, plus an useful tool to bring the events into your personal calendar. In addition to them, as you can see, there is this new feature that is a News blog, [...]

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