More than any other town, Le Creusot, located in the Saône-et-Loire department of Burgundy,
is known worldwide for its 19th century industrial legacy and its leading high-tech companies today.

A truly unique destination to explore our industrial past, Le Creusot has proudly preserved its industrialheritage while successfully looking ahead to a post-industrial future. During your stay in the area, you will find a fascinating blend of industrial history, culture and architecture contrasting with remarkable natural green spaces, parks,gardens, lakes and beautiful Burgundy countryside surroundings.

A natural food bowl, Burgundy is one of France’s favourite foodie destination. You will find plenty of regional and local gastronomic specialties, restaurants and cafés to delight your taste buds in Le Creusot.

Le Creusot’s early destiny was rooted in the Industrial Revolution and its growth was fuelled by the industrialisation process, technological innovations, the worker’s expertise and know-how. Immerse yourself in the history of a “factory city” intrinsically linked to iron and steel products manufacturing and the paternalistic ideology of the family Schneider behind the town’s booming development.


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The ENERGY seminar will take place at:

IUT (Institut Universitaire Technologique)

12 rue de la Fonderie