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AM Seminar

ENIM 1 route d’Ars Laquenexy BP 65820, Metz, France

Programme Location  Accommodation Direction Metal powder plays a very important role in the additive manufacturing processes. Indeed the quality of metal powder used will have a major influence on properties but it can also influence:  The build-to-build consistency  The reproducibility between AM machines  The production of defect-free components  The manufacturing defects on surfaces  A very wide range of alloys are used on additive manufacturing machines thanks to the availability of metal powders:  Steels: 316L, 17-4PH etc.  Nickel and cobalt base superalloys: 625, 718, CoCr F75 etc.  Titanium alloys: Ti6Al4V, CPTi etc.  Aluminium alloys: AlSi10Mg etc.  Metal Powders - Courtesy of GKN [...]

$300 – $750


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