The SUPREME Project Workshop is organised by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA).

Founded in 1989, EPMA is the leading PM trade association representing the interests of the entire European PM community, and promoting PM technology throughout the world.

SUPREME aims to optimise powder metallurgy processes throughout the supply chain. To achieve this goal, an ambitious cross-sectorial integration and optimisation has been designed between several powder metallurgy processes: gas and water atomization as well as ball milling for metal powder production, laser-based additive manufacturing and near-net shape technologies for end-parts fabrication. SUPREME has gathered an outstanding consortium of 17 partners from 8 countries, represented by 11 companies including 6 SMEs that will ensure a successful implementation towards market applications. 5 applications sectors are targeted: automotive, aeronautics, cutting tools, molding tools and medical.

More information about the SUPREME Project can be found at

For any questions regarding the SUPREME Project Workshop, please contact Sabine Hazoumé, EPMA Event and Project Co-ordinatror, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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