A2MAC1, Hary, France

A2MAC1, Hary, France

Press&Sinter Showcase “The benefit of using Powder Metallurgy in the automotive sector”, January 15th 2020 (A2MAC1-Hary, France) 

The EPMA’s first Press & Sinter Showcase was hosted by A2MAC1 in Hary, France and comprised a morning of introductory lectures from leading Powder Metallurgy figures, followed by an interactive afternoon exploring the practical uses, and limitations of Press & Sinter components in the Automotive industry.  

The speakers included J. Peñafiel (AMES) on Powder Metallurgy and Press&Sinter, C. Adler (GKN) on Metal Injection Moulding in the automotive industry, A. Sakratidis (Digital Metal) on Metal Additive Manufacturing, especially binder based, M. Andersson (Höganäs) on Soft Magnetic Composites and PM gears, and J.M. Reveillé (A2MAC1) on the technology development in new car models, in the afternoon about 2000 real parts from three sample cars (BMW Series 1 as internal combustion, AUDI E-Tron as EV, Toyota Prius as HybridEV) where exposed in the showcase, and all the participants could freely examine them, take pictures, browse for them in the A2MAC1 database, navigate the cars’ components and systems with a VR device, etc. A very impressive site visit gave an overview of the thorough reverse engineering work being carried out at A2MAC1 on many car models received every year from all main OEMs. 

Thanks to A2MAC1 for the hospitality and the showcase, thanks to the participants and especially to all the speakers who volunteered for this networking event! 

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