AM-Motion is a European Funded Project of which EPMA is a consortium member. The overall objective of the AM-Motion is to contribute to a rapid market uptake of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies across Europe by connecting and upscaling existing initiatives and efforts, improving the conditions for large-scale, cross-regional demonstration and market deployment, and by involving a large number of key stakeholders, particularly from industry.

One of the outcomes of this European Funded Project is the establishment of the AM-Motion Student Summer School in September 2018, aimed at Post Graduate Students. The Summer School will be organised with the support of AM experts and consortium partners in the second summer of the project. Duration will be around 2-3 days to exchange, spread the knowledge and give rise to vocations. Main AM concepts, existing materials and processes will be explained. In addition, design and manufacturing paradigms, market relevance and specific best practices examples will be included. Students will apply by sending their CV and explaining their interest. Trip reimbursements are foreseen for 20 students up to a threshold of €300. More students would be encouraged under personal or own organisation expenses.

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